Awaken the Dreamer Within You

Have you had the opportunity be awake and wonder what your dreams might mean?

The simple answer is that they are supporting your soul in processing this life's energies and moving optimally through the unique and powerful journey of this lifetime.

This course is designed to give you tools towards stepping powerfully into your dreams.

What is Awakened Dreaming?

This video shares a brief overview of what we'll be covering together as well as at your own pace. I look forward to seeing you in the coruse

You Are More Than Your Body

This course will support you in remembering all of the facets of who you really are. Your dreams are a portal to higher level realizations and healing!

Have a look at the curriculum offered to get a better sense of how we will unpack and merge ourselves with the divine.

We will lean on shamanic as well as higher dimensional understandings of consciousness.

Dream Weaving and Protection

Our ancestors understood the necessity to protect loved ones in their sleep.

The foundation of our curriculum will be steeped in ancient wisdom traditions. These include Mayan and Pleiadian transmissions.

Lucid = Awake

You will have the support and opportunity to play and engage with your dream space in a manner that is safe, sacred and optimally healing for you. Myself and our community are here to support you on the journey.

This course is closed for enrollment.

Highly Recommend

I met Lisa Marie at a Joshua Tree festival several years ago where she was doing intuitive readings. Her messages and responses were so spot on I began to follow her work. Very grateful for you Lisa Marie! Honored to receommend people to working with you as a support on an awakened path.

Genuine Soul

I came across Lisa as a friend sent her contact info for a reading. Lisa was not only such a bright and lovely person, her readings seemed to delve into my past, present and future lives.. all with such compassion and love! She is a trusted and admired source / wealth of information for those of us who have worked with her. I adivse you to give her a try!

Lisa is a true intuitive!

I so love all the readings an intuitive downloads I receive from Lisa. She has been a wealth of insight for my journey.