Remember and Embody Your True Nature as an Energetically Sensitive Being

This three week course will support you in returning your birthright as a sovereign, immensely empowered and energetically sensitive being.

We will rediscover ourselves as an extension of Source, learn to clear and empower ourselves, as well as to optimally clear the energy of all living things.

Learn Essential Energetic Skills

We will discover the fundamentals of every human energetic field. We are not so different from each other then we might think.

Apply to Yourself & Others

The primary goal is to connect you to your own intuitive healing abilities. The secondary benefit is that you can extend this knowledge to those you love and everything you interact with.

Bonus Content

You will receive an mp3 guided visualization to support you in joyfully creating healthy energetic boundaries and to strengthen those boundaries when needed.

Also three more energetic training sessions! Check out the Bonus content in curriculum.

Choose a Pricing Option

Join me this January!

We embark on a three week Energy Clearing journey January 8 2022.

We will have three live gatherings as well as weekly materials that are super simple to understand and utilize!

After you enroll keep an eye for a special offer where you can get my Energy Healing 101 course for free with the purchase of three personal coaching sessions to support you on your energy healing and clearing journey.

See you live on January 8th!