Alchemy is the process of raising lead to gold. It is also used to attain immortality through learning to manipulate and purify matter.

In the process of raising lead to gold one was said to come to understand how to achieve immortality.

The most important reason for us to step into alchemy is to re-awaken to the most powerful part of our anatomy.. OUR HEART!

As we come to understand and remember the true nature of our heart, we can also re-integrate it with our mind and body.. and ultimately come to know the truly magical being we are already ready to be.

This three week course is intended to inspire you and guide you. To support you to awaken to the innate power within you. You will come to know ultimately that you already have within you the capacity of deep love, the capacity of healing, the capacity of transformation.. The ability to transform heavy dense energies into light. As we connect to the vast potential for upgrades on our planet right now.. I hope that you can feel your importance... whether sitting at home or out in community... it is the same.

It is my intention to offer this course for a much needed and destined personal and planetary healing.


Who Are We Ultimately?

We are spirit embodied into physical.

We are the conduits of life force energy that seed the planet.

But more than that, we have energetic centers that we have yet to truly understand and fully embody.

This course provides a landscape to explore, marry spirit with science so as to embody the light and truth we want to seed into the future.

Use Your Heart to Heal Yourself

Step into the room where there is no-one but you.

This is the first chamber, frist right of passage, our relationship with ourselves.

In this course we come to know ourselves as so much more than what we've been taught. What have been conditioned to we see. What we've held as collective/cultural beliefs.

Ultimately I want you to come to know that YOU are that which you are seeking.

The journey goes deeply into these beliefs:

How did we get here?

What can we do to support the future we want to see?

How can we use our hearts to heal ourselves?

The wonderful ting is that the answer is already wired and within you :)

You are Needed to Heal the Planet

Now is the time to choose love. To remember that you are not insignificant.. instead that you are profoundly needed at this time in our world.

Did you know that modern science has already documented the power of one person to positively impact another? As well as the power of a small group of people (less then 10!) to make significant changes in remote areas.

All of this with the powerful combination of heart, consciousness, intention and breath.

Course Curriculum

  Who Are We Really?
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  Use the Heart to Heal Yourself
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  You are Needed to Heal the Planet
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  Bonus Materials
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Hi, I’m Lisa Marie

This offering is unique in that it supports you in Be-ing YOU. Gosh-darnit.. This is what I wish for humanity.. and yet humanity has focused itself in a backwards way... in that money and physical reality = perceiveexistence. These offerings are Truly and purely offered for the support of raising collective consciousness.

We are at a time of immense transformation, our heart holds many keys.

Learn to use your heart to send healing to those you know, and those you don't.

Join by May 31st you will also receive access to a video yoga practice (in a former life I was a yoga teacher :) as well as my Heart Light Affirmations guided meditation!

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