Have you ever considered that you have all the answers you need?

This course invites you to entertain and remember that YOU DO!

Beyond the simple principle that you are an energetic being,

you will come to understand and use timeless tools for Divination.

Truth ever lovely, since the world began.

The foe of tyrants, and the friend of man.

- Thomas Campbell

A Call to Action

Depending on the lens you look through in 2020, we are either in for an uncertain or a deeply transformational future.

In the media confusion, confrontation and fear are the order of the day. Yet somewhere within we seek truth; intuitively knowing we know we can find it.

This course, is offered to support us in navigating the turmoil that is shown to us as potential truth, so as to ultimately be able find safe haven, and truth, within ourselves.

The intention is that we each come to realize and remember that we have all the tools we need to sense, feel and find truth.

Note that I speak of a three week course in this video, as I developed it, it has morphed into a 5 week course!

What is Divination?

For the purposes of this course, Divination simply means "divining" or "seeing" beyond what is already known. You will learn and remember that you have this ability. This is why the course it titled Oracle You!

Get Answers to Your Questions

This course will introduce and teach you to use techniques and practices for gaining insight into questions about your daily life, as well as larger picture. 

Offer Insights to Friends and Loved Ones

You will also learn how to use tools to give readings and offer insights for others. This is where things get even more powerful! Have you ever wanted to have a way to support and help others on their life path? Divination and Oracle offerings are a lovely way to do just that!

This course is closed for enrollment.

Take a Step Back in Time

The Oracle You course will give you a present day presentation of practices, techniques and tools that have been used by humans around the world for centuries.  I have been planning this course for months and spirit guided me recently to understand that NOW is the time for us to remember that we are all Oracles! That we each have the ability to see and know truth. 

I hope that you can join me for this group gathering and collective remembering.

Love and Blessings,