What's blocking us from living the life we most desire in the world we truly love to live in?

The answer is likely closer to home than we realize.

This three week course (taken as you wish, in three weeks, three months) is designed to give you a clear understanding of how the Universe puts You in the driver's seat of Your life.. and to provide simple and easy to use steps to get yourself into a vibration that attracts everything your heart desires.

Bring your wish list and join me in 2020!

Empty Space is Not Empty

One of the most powerful things we can do is understand that everything is always instantaneously connected.

This course will combine scientific and metaphysical research to support you in understanding how physical reality is created... and gently show how many of us have things backwards in terms of how we go about creating!

You Have Access to Limitless Potential and Possibility

Understanding the Laws of the Universe gives us the keys to a new way of going about our daily lives. You will get to know a framework of laws as powerful and universal as the law of gravity.

What's most exciting is that, just like gravity, we do not need to do anything to get them to work. They are working all the time, we only need to understand them so as to access their power.

Co-Creation is Beautiful and Joyful

When we come to see ourselves as being in continual conversation with all of the energy and intelligence of the Universe we step into a dance of sorts.. A conversation and co-creative partnership with All That Is.

What follows is a deep-breath and sign of relief.. then flossing in of peace and personal power.. when we truly understand how to harness the power of our consciousnesss for manifestation.

Hi, I’m Lisa Marie

I want to share with you a bit about my path.. as is it a miraculous and human journey. We are after all each one of us human beings, exploring the boundaries and expanding the powers that we each innately have. 

I was raised in an upper middle class family in California, and was privileged to go to Stanford and receive 3 (almost 4) degrees. At that time I came to see myself as someone who needed to exist beyond academia and the scientific method... and so I opened a yoga studio in Palo Alto in early 2000's.

As I was teaching yoga I became interested and was trained in energy healing. I also met with Buddhist, Tibetan and Brazilian monks and was able to receive information/energetic transmissions. 

I have dedicated my life to teaching yoga, meditation, energy healing, and mediumship for the past 17 years (informally all of my life)... A somewhat obscure but profound "job" in the heart of Silicon Valley. 

I hope that you enjoy my deeply personal and soulful method of presenting what I have come to know to be true, empowering and deeply transformational. 

Much Love :)

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Love this girl!

Thank you for being so accepting of me! I have healed beyond what I thought possible.

Mei Lao - Seattle


Lisa Marie shared with me everything I already knew. Grateful for a powerful remembrance.

Natasha (aka Miss Ma) - Oakland

Great Info!

Hey so I've been mostly living in Joshua Tree.... where I met Lisa at the music festival there.. I've continued to follow her and have to say that she is legit. At least to me.

Andrew- Ketchum