From Separation to Joyful Synchronicity

Hopefully by now you are beginning to see yourself and both unique soul and a unique aspect of consciousness as well as always connected to the Universal Field of consciousness.. which means connected to everything everywhere.

There are couple more ideas floating around in the collective consciousness.. that are ready to be healed and shifted as we step into our power as co-creators.

First - a powerful and empowering shift is to consider that we were intended to live long, happy, healthy, joyful lives!

Second - Your soul's version of what you want is unique to you.. So there's no getting it right or wrong in terms of what you want to create... Now that we remember that we are supposed to feel joyful as creators... this means we get to follow our joy and use our sense of expansion, excitement, thrill, getting lost in activities beyond time and space.. as markers of soul's path and purpose.

Finally - I love the practice of asking the universe for signs. As in, saying to my guides and to the energy of the universe "I would love a sign that I am on the right path!" .. or "Please give me a sign that this is or is not the path/action/direction that is optimal for me." .. There are as may ways to ask as there are human beings with unique circumstances AND there are as many 'signs' and ways to receive 'yes/no' aster are people asking!

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This brings us finally to the topic of Synchronicity. Synchronicity happens when you pick up the phone to call a friend and you realize they're calling you... it happens when you're checking out at the grocery store and have the exactly amount of cash (down to the penny) to pay for your items. Many people experience it when they see a totem animal fly overhead or cross their path. They are more or less magical moments what we've likely been conditioned to feel as happen by chance or luck.

Synchronicity is a term originally coined by psychologist Carl Jung that refers to the meaningful (or even miraculous) coincidences that occur in your life. When you experience synchronicity you’ll have experiences that seem far too significant to be mere day-to-day serendipitous encounters.

Synchronicity can manifest in an endless number of forms; popular types including names, numbers, words, symbols, and events.

Webster's dictionary defines it as: "The simultaneous occurrence of events which appear significantly related but have no discernible causal connection." and as 'Synchrony' which is "simultaneous action, development, or occurrence." .. I like to think of them in general as moments of perfect timing. and to interpret these experiences as a sign from the universe and my higher self that I am on the right path.. sort of like a wink or sparkle to my day.. Ultimately a message from myself and the Universe that all is well.

To bring us full circle I also want to offer some popular world views. I invite you to check in with yourself as you read each of these, which feel true for you?

  1. Hindus believe synchronicity is a manifestation of Brahman or the fundamental connection of all living things within the universe
  2. Behavioral Economists would classify synchronicity as a form of confirmation bias. For example, if you’re told to look for yellow cars, you’ll start seeing a lot more of them than you initially thought existed
  3. Quantum physicists attribute synchronicity to the “non-local” mind (or universal consciousness)
  4. Everyday spiritual folks believe synchronicity is a sign from their Higher Self or Soul
  5. Psychologists (particularly those who follow Jungian theories) believe synchronicity comes from the unconscious mind and collective unconscious

I personally resonate with 1, 3, 4 and 5. Having been classically training as a social science researcher, I understand 2, but find it limiting. As always, you are your own best source of truth!

QC3 A Primer on Synchronicity.pdf
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